Homeopathy was developed several hundred years ago, and is now in world wide use for both people and animals. It has no chemical side effects, has no adverse interaction with other medications, and the aim is to induce a gentle cure, stimulating the body to heal itself.

It is a truly holistic system of medicine, where the patient is treated as an individual, and as a whole, not as a collection of different conditions in the same body.
Although homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medication, it is especially good for:


  • Animals with poor response to conventional treatment
  • Conditions with no effective conventional treatment available
  • Cases where side effects /drug reactions prevent the use of conventional drugs

Homeopathy is used for many conditions including skin problems, colitis, diarrhoea, heart problems, allergies, stomach problems, coughs, itch, sore ears, behavioural changes / problems, and many many more.

Please contact me to make an appointment or to discuss whether your pet's problem would be suitable for homeopathic treatment.




Faculty of Homeopathy, the regulatory body for health professional homeopaths, ie, doctors, dentists, vets, etc.


British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons



This is Cola and Lilt.  Cola had not used her hind legs properly since birth, but after homeopathic treatment she was running in her wheel for the first time ever within 4 weeks.


Bertie had itchy skin for years, and was allergic to all conventional treatments.  He was changed to homeopathic treatment, and  his skin improved significantly, making Bertie a happier dog - read more....


`Homeopathy made a big difference to Amber.  She had been very stiff, and had to be lifted to her feet.  Now she can get up on her own, is brighter in herself and wants to go longer walks.'

Mrs B and Amber