George started acupuncture treatment six months ago. I have found a vast improvement in his overall wellbeing. I thought I would only have him another couple of months. Now I'm looking at a future of years instead of months with him. I knew nothing about acupuncture at the start of treatment, I am now seriously amazed at how well it has worked.

R. Miller & George

Max is my 9 year old German Shorthaired Pointer and was diagnosed with arthritis over a year ago.  He was very stiff and had great difficulty getting up from his bed especially after a long walk.  He also couldn't stretch his back legs behind him when standing (like a show dog would).  He was initially put on Metacam which helped but after a few weeks I decided to give acupuncture a try in addition to his medication.  I simply can't advocate this strongly enough - his condition has greatly improved and I can't remember the last time he was stiff.  His medication has been decreased to a minimal maintainence dose and he now receives acupuncture every 4-6 weeks.  He stands as if he's a proud show dog at every opportunity, which he couldn't do before.

Although I was initially a bit sceptical about alternative therapies, I would highly recommend Rosemary's acupuncture treatments to anyone whose dog suffers from arthritis as it has made a huge difference to Max and his quality of life.  Keep up the good work Rosemary!

Miss McConnell & Max

Bertie is our 7year old Blue Roan cocker Spaniel.  Bertie has had chronic angry , itchy, flaky skin on his chest, between his paws and constantly itchy ears since he was about 1 year old.  we have been very regular visitors to our vets.  Bertie has had various ear ointments which worked for a while, but the itch always returned.  He had been shampooed with medicated shampoo every week for years, but the itchy flaky patches always came back.  Bertie was also put on a course of allergy injections, which he took a very bad reaction to.  After trying all these medications with mixed results, we asked for a referral for homeopathy.

We had an initial consultation with Rosemary and a remedy was given.  This worked miraculously, his flaky skin cleared up within two weeks, and remained clear for a few months.  A few patches on his chest and paws returned, but less angry and less widespread.  Rosemary gave Bertie a different remedy and this worked for about six months.  He occassionally has a recurrence, but a few days of taking a remedy and his skin clears up again.   He is a much happier dog.  Rosemary's remedies have made our Bertie's life much more comfortable and far less itchy.

Mrs Campbell & Bertie

Simba is a 15 year old tabby cat, who has suffered for the last four years with an arthritic condition affecting his lower spine.  He has struggled recently with mobility - struggling to jump and maintain his usual routine, and I felt his quality of life was gradually deteriorating.  He is prescribed Metacam by his vet, which he takes on a daily basis.  Within the last year, Simba's mobility has decreased quite significantly and instead of using more pain medication, I approached the vet on the subject of using alternative therapies such as acupuncture.  He was happy to provide me with Rosemary's details, to see whether this would be an option for Simba.  We then had an initial conultation with Rosemary to discuss a treatment plan.  I was nervous at first, as I was unsure how Simba would react to being needled!  My fears were unfounded.  As soon as the first needle was inserted Simba became very relaxed and began to purr.  By the end of the session he was purring away and almost fast asleep.  He now has acupuncture sessions every 2-3 weeks, and is a much happier cat.  He is less stiff and lethargic, and is more playful.  Despite being 15, he still manages to climb a six foot fence on occassion, and chase after the odd bird!  I would definitely recommend acupuncture - although Simba still takes his Metacam, acupuncture provides him with an additional boost which is a pleasure to see.

Ms Richmond & Simba

A great big thank you to Rosemary. In the space of one week my dog is back to his old self. We thought we were going to lose him - his back end was going, he had a constant backward kick and was anxious. Thanks to three `hailstones' of homeopathy treatment he and we are very happy.

D. Wilson / P. Thomson & Zeus


I was the biggest sceptic of all, but after using several homeopathic remedies, I would try them first now. I would urge everyone to try it, you will be amazed. Penny has never been better. She has a heart condition and with homeopathy the improvement was overnight. I have also used it on her for bloating, and for grief when I lost my other dog, and it worked for all.

Mrs Wood & Penny


Kim's back pain made her hide in the house, and she was far less active during walks. After acupuncture, she played like a pup again and was back to normal at home.

Mrs J Lockhart & Kim


Acupuncture has allowed Skye to get back on the hills, his true love in life (after food!).  He used to be horribly stiff by the time we got home after a walk, and barely able to walk the next day. Now he isn't affected at all. A happy dog ....and owner!

Mrs C Young & Skye


Miss Ellie is a nine-year-old Labrador with arthritic hips.  Rosemary suggested acupuncture as an alternative treatment for her pain and stiffness, and although I am a bit of a sceptic where complementry treatments are concerned I would do almost anything for my dogs so I agreed we should try.  After just a couple of sessions Ellie went from being a stiff and lethargic old girl back to her usual overgrown pup self!  I was so impressed by the improvement in her mobility that my younger Labrador Miss Winnie is now being treated for her elbow dysplasia with similar wonderful results.  A big thanks from Anne, Ellie and Winnie.

Mrs Mowat & Ellie & Winnie


For three months my dog could not walk. I tried every tablet going and nothing worked until my vet recommended acupuncture. From the very first session I could see a result. He was able to stand for longer and he started to walk a few steps each day. He got treatment every week for the first month then every 6 weeks after that. Now he is running about like he used to.

Mrs Thomson & Oscar


I was less than convinced when my vet suggested acupuncture for my dog's arthritis, but I decided to be open minded and give it a go. The results of the treatments were unexpected (by me) and quite remarkable. He had been miserable, lame and a bit of an unhappy animal. Acupuncture seems to have loosened him up and he's more playful than he has been for years. It may not work for everyone but it certainly seems to have done for my dog.

Mrs Harris & Jack


Our 13 year old Labrador, Brook, was struggling to get himself on his feet.  He wasn't eating, or managing to get down the steps at the back garden.  Since having acupuncture, he is a different dog - he gets down the steps alright, and even has a spring in his step at the park.  I would certainly recommend acupuncture.

Mr Inglis & Brook


Several months ago we noticed that our dog Murphy -a five year old cross, mostly Collie -was having difficulty moving his hips. He seemed to be reluctant to run or jump. He only `tagged along' when we went for a walk.
We asked our vet for an opinion. The basic diagnosis was `probably arthritis or hip dysplasia'. X-rays were taken and there were clear signs of hip abnormality.
We were referred to the Veterinary College in Glasgow. There the opinion was the dog had extensive wear to his hip joints and considerable arthritic change had taken place. Murphy would be a suitable candidate for hip replacement but his problems were not yet serious enough to warrant that procedure. Instead it was recommended that we try anti-inflammatories.
After some weeks on anti-inflammatories, progress was limited. On a visit to the vet for his annual check up, it was suggested that acupuncture might be of some help. We agreed to try this, and weekly sessions were arranged and treatment begun.
After two sessions, Murphy seemed happier and much more comfortable. After two more sessions, treatment was reduced to fortnightly and he continued to make progress.
Now the treatments are administered once a month. Murphy seems to be pain free and runs about as he did up until about a year ago, he really seemed to slow down.
We are convinced that acupuncture, at least for treatment of this type of disorder, is excellent and perhaps should be the treatment of choice.

Mr Walker & Murphy


Rusty, our 15 year old dog, was struggling to get up, and his back left leg seemed to be almost useless.  The vet suggested acupuncture, to see if it would alleviate his pain and help his mobility.  He has received a month's course so far, and has made great improvements.  He is now walking much better, and taking weight on his left back leg.

Mrs Duncan & Rusty


I have a 10 year old Doberman called Eva.  In April Eva started to go off her back legs. Initially it was a bit of a limp, but soon progressed to struggling to manage the back door steps.  The vet X-rayed her, and referred her to Glasgow University Small Animal Hospital.  The diagnosis there was `wobbler syndrome', which the breed is prone to.  After a few weeks, Eva was starting to lose balance and fall over after a few steps.  Our options were surgery on her neck to release the trapped nerve, with all the risks involved,  or try acupuncture.  Eva was already on a number of different painkillers.

Eva started on weekly acupuncture sessions for four weeks, and after the first couple of treatments, I could not believe the difference in my dog.  I am writing this in August, and am delighted to be able to say that Eva is doing very well!  She now receives treatment once every three weeks, and LOVES it.  Although long walks are still not an option, Eva can have a run in the park and no longer requires any pain relief.  She is a far happier, brighter dog.  I can't explain how it works, but the treatment Eva gets from Rosemary has given her a new lease of life.

Mrs C Burns & Eva





















 Simba purring during electroacupuncture